Backyard adventure

Backyard adventure I’m so thankful I got to contribute my photo skills to this cool book for kids, Backyard Adventure by Amanda Thomson. Get kids off devices and into the great outdoors! This book sets mind, body, and soul ablaze with …

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That ’70s shoot

That ’70s shoot Whether creating personal or client work, it’s always about way more than just taking a photograph. It’s about making sure my images are downright groovy. When I teamed up with wardrobe stylist Francesca Levin, I had no …

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Girl power

Girl power Born out of my brand and vision, this series of images serves as a personal manifesto. We photographed this story on one of the most blustery days of the year, but not even a polar vortex could stop …

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Ties that bind

Ties that bind Much of my photography is inspired by my own life experiences. Growing up, I was fortunate to have a sister who was a best friend, and a best friend I considered a sister. Our days were always …

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Zany Spring is here and bursting with energy and a renewed zest for life. Inspired by the new season, I brought some of my friends into the studio to play with a menagerie of patterns, prints and props. There was …

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Ring around the rosy

Ring around the rosy Hands down, nature has got to be my favorite backdrop for a photo shoot. There’s something so magical about taking pictures of children outdoors. I love capturing the little moments that pop up when you let …

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