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Woodland fantasy

Woodland fantasy In celebration of the daydream, I teamed up with hair and make up artist Karen Brody and wardrobe and prop stylist Melanie Francis to create a modern fairytale about nymphs, warriors, fairies and wolves protecting their forest on …

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Bedheads Disheveled morning hair is one of those things that makes the little kid years so much fun for me as a parent. I want to cherish the messy little mop my daughter wears on top and the bundle of …

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Ties that bind

Ties that bind Much of my photography is inspired by my own life experiences. Growing up, I was fortunate to have a sister who was a best friend, and a best friend I considered a sister. Our days were always …

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Girl power

Girl power Born out of my brand and vision, this series of images serves as a personal manifesto. We photographed this story on one of the most blustery days of the year, but not even a polar vortex could stop …

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That ’70s shoot

That ’70s shoot Whether creating personal or client work, it’s always about way more than just taking a photograph. It’s about making sure my images are downright groovy. When I teamed up with wardrobe stylist Francesca Levin, I had no …

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Zany Spring is here and bursting with energy and a renewed zest for life. Inspired by the new season, I brought some of my friends into the studio to play with a menagerie of patterns, prints and props. There was …

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Ring around the rosy

Hands down, nature has got to be my favorite backdrop for a photo shoot. There’s something so magical about taking pictures of children outdoors. I love capturing the little moments that pop up when you let kids explore and play. …

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