Hi I'm Kourtney. You can call me K, Kitty, K-Kat or Kourt! I’m a photographer, director, mama, and maker of things.

I love capturing people in high-energy, spontaneous and joyful situations. My playful-yet-professional approach puts talent at ease so I can create natural, inspired moments.

Working with children is my specialty. I always make sure to have a fun-loving, kid-friendly crew on set. Whether it's juice boxes, grab bags or child wranglers who are the bomb, we have tricks up our sleeve (and then some) to make sure the kiddos are ready for action and having a good time. My ultimate goal is to create pictures that feel captured rather than posed. My ability to let kids shine and "be kids" helps make this happen.

Fun fact, I'm also an Airbnb Ambassador and Superhost. I host my very own Airbnb Plus Listing right outside of Park City, UT. When I am not working on a photo project, I help new hosts get started on Airbnb and others transform their listing into the listing of their dreams. I love sharing the specialized knowledge I've acquired on my own Airbnb hosting journey with people that want to host.

When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my family at home in the Chicago suburbs, volunteering in my community, or hitting the road and heading out west.

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